An atelier dress is an absolutely personal and exclusive design created especially for you.

An atelier dress is an absolutely personal and exclusive design created especially for you.

The dresses made in this space maintain the essence of Sophie et Voilà, they are made with the most exquisite fabric following the most traditional process and they are tested personally by our designer in our atelier in Bilbao.

This process is based on a first design appointment in which you and Sofía chat, you get to know each other and go to complicity enough to draw the perfect dress sketch. At the same time, you will see fabrics and finishes, with personalised advice being the most important thing in this first meeting. Lastly, we will give you a quote so that you can have all the data before making the move.

The online appointment service costs 40 euros to guarantee the reservation. The payment of this amount will be detailed in the appointment confirmation email.

Reserve your physical appointment

The first design process can be enjoyed physically in our atelier in Bilbao by calling +34 946 793 501 or by sending an email to, but if you prefer, you can make this first contact virtually through an online appointment.

Reserve your virtual appointment

As if you were in our atelier, by means of a video call, our creative director will hold a chat with you for 45 minutes approximately, in which you can explain your likes, your style and your preferences in the same way as a physical appointment. With this data, and under your supervision, she will draw a digital form of the proposal for you during the appointment in sketch form, creating a dress designed expressly for you, she will explain it to you and adapt it to your observations.

Once the call has ended, we will send you the sketch and its quote to your mail.

If from there you want us to make your dress, you would only have to make a physical appointment in the atelier of Bilbao to specify fabrics, revise the sketch and take action. The dress will be made little by little and it will be you who gives your approval to each stage until you reach the perfect dress.